Aluminum vs Liquid Nitrogen

This year my two older (the two who are actually school aged) are studying chemistry. So, like with all our other topics of study, when I see something in the news or on Facebook that applies to what we are learning, we usually all hop on the internet before school starts, check it out, and start school late that day. That is one thing we are really good at – starting school late. I know in my heart it doesn’t really matter, but for some reason it irks me.

We just finished making our element books. We spent the last few weeks learning about each of the first 18 elements on the periodic table. Since they had “studied” aluminum and nitrogen, I thought it would be fun for them to see the two in action. Enjoy the video. (I’m thinking this guy might come in handy for future science demonstrations!)

Molten Aluminum vs Liquid Nitrogen (& Dry Ice!) courtesy of the Backyard Scientist