Valentine’s Day Craft

I have yet to mention that I am also part of a neighborhood preschool group. The group is kind of based on the Joy School concept, except mostly we just take turns about every six weeks and teach basic phonics and other preschooly things to our preschool aged children. We have 5 girls and 1 boy in the group. The boy is mine. He’s not terrible excited about being with all the girls, even though he has become friends with most of them by now.

Anyway, my next turn to teach is the week of Valentine’s Day – well technically the week before. I get to do one day of “teaching” and then host the Valentine’s Day party. Since so far on this blog I have been focused more on laying the groundwork for a homeschool for littler ones, I haven’t posted anything much of what we have actually done! (And lets face it, blogs get so boring if you don’t have any pictures!) So since it’s on my mind, here is our craft activity we are going to do for our little preschool group.  DSC02838

These are based the book, “My Heart is Like a Zoo.” I just bought a bunch of tissue paper from the dollar store, cut out a bunch of hearts, and put them together with a bit of adaptation to recreate the illustrations in the book. I decided that although the look of the tissue paper is cuter, the preschoolers will just use construction paper. They will basically just be able to make up any sort of animal they want, whether it looks like the book illustrations or not.DSC02848

Also, the book is a nice segway into emotions and feelings.

So, what do my older kids do while I’m teaching the preschool kids twice a week for two hours? We try to keep their schedule as close to normal as possible. I get them as set up as possible as I can before the little kids show up, you know, do the stuff with them they cannot do by themselves. Then I make sure they know what still needs to get done that morning. Usually they don’t do it. Well, they are getting better. But I sort of plan to make up some of our “morning school” in the afternoon on those days, and at the same time go a little light on the “afternoon school” subjects. (Sometimes the older kids just do all the preschool stuff with us, and as long as we are able to get the school work done, I’m totally fine with that.