Folk Dance?

I can’t remember why the kids and I started talking about it, but somehow at dinner time I started telling them how as a kid in public school we had a few weeks in P.E. where we learned to folk dance. Our conversation centered mostly around how none of the boys and girls wanted to touch each other so that made the dancing unit rather awkward. I can’t remember what grade we were in, but I suppose it could have been ANY of them.

This prompted an impromptu folk dance lesson. The Mexican Hat Dance is the only one I could remember and truthfully I don’t know if I’m doing it right or if that is even what it is called, but I told them it was the Mexican Hat Dance and we were supposed to be dancing around a sombrero or something. (don’t worry, they also get all my disclaimers so they know I may have been teaching them a bunch of nonsense that my brain has made out of a vague childhood memory.)

The boys had trouble staying in one place, and it didn’t help that they figured out pretty quick (ok, immediately) that I was trying to film us so I’m not sure they tried particularly hard to stay in one place.  (But the fun part is that every now and then they say to each other, “hey remember this?” and then start “dancing” across the room giggling!)