Lego Molecules

Our most recent chemistry “lab” had us demonstrate atoms and molecules with Legos. We did our best, but since the kids had built stuff with their Legos that they weren’t willing to destroy we had to just do our best.

This is a water molecule completely equipped with the right number of protons, neutrons, and electrons per H and O atoms.  (pink = proton, white = neutron, little yellow = electron, golden chain = bond.)


Then we demonstrated a chemical reaction between molecules. Instead of demonstrating each proton, neutron, and electron with individual Legos we just declared one particular Lego a particular atom and bonded them from there, traditional Lego fashion. We were demonstrating John Dalton’s theory on matter so we performed Lego chemical reactions by rearranging the atoms in our molecules to create two brand new molecules without creating or destroying Legos in the process. (All of this, of course, translated into scientific language as we did it. It was a little complicated, but still a fun twist for kids learning chemistry.