Piano on the Brain

My two oldest take formal piano lessons. The two just younger go to a music class for preschool aged children. I consider this part of their homeschool education. It is just a little part of what I consider “Whole-School,” not just homeschool, although I bet there are some that would argue formal music lessons really NEED to be a part of academic education. I’ll get back to the concept of Whole-School on another post (although you are pretty smart, I’m confident you can figure out the concept on your own.)

When I saw a link to this article on Facebook just a minute ago, I knew instantly it needed to go on The Honest Homeschool.  I do play the piano (some) and have years of music training in various musical instruments so I can help my children with their practicing although I don’t have the technique to actually teach them myself. Plus, having other responsible and respected adults in their lives is important. (Not just giving up the responsibility of educating them to someone else, but hand selecting a few individuals here and there to help in specialized areas.)

I’m getting off topic.

Here is the article. I help you find in interesting and motivating.

Science Just Discovered Something Amazing About What Childhood Piano Lessons Did to You!