This is some of that honesty I was talking about

Where have I been? I guess it’s only been maybe a week. Well, somebody needed me (besides my family) and I’ve been taking care of her two little children 7 to 8 hours a day  every day this week. What does this look like for our homeschool? I have no photos to describe it.

I knew I would be watching the two other kiddos so I was able to prepare a “light” week. All the regular morning school – math, grammar/handwriting, spelling – and then Latin and minimal science and history for the afternoon. So really, I didn’t back off that much. But maybe I should have.

I didn’t want to just throw everything to a halt! We can finally go outside again without coats! I’m seriously thinking about buying flip flops again! The end of the school year is in sight! How could I just call it quits for a month (yes, it may be that long or longer. My poor friend is in the hospital!) and then shorten our summer by 4 to 6 weeks? I need that down time. I LOVE homeschooling, don’t get me wrong. But I also LOVE summer break. So we are just going to keep going and see how it goes.

We got a little behind in Latin… but we made it up again so we’re ok there. We pushed through all the morning stuff – although I was more tense, harsh, and less patient than I should have been. And out of our three science lessons we started two without fully completing them and we just tossed the third. (I didn’t have any insulated copper wiring anyway.)

This is what we learned this week, and by “we” I maybe mostly mean “me” although I did discuss and explain to the kids. I think they’ve got it. And if they haven’t yet, I sure hope they do by the time my sweet friend is able to come home, hopefully with a beautiful healthy little baby in her arms.   No matter how much we may want things to go our own way and exactly how we planned them, no matter how “correct” and “right” and “perfect” our schedule and system is and how “crucial” it is that we stick to that plan, there will come a time when you must say “throw it out the window.” Or at least, something to the effect of  “it’s time to switch gears. There is something more important going on here and we are not the center of it. In fact we are going into full support mode so buckle up.”

The two children are darling. Incredibly darling. One is also incredibly difficult – until you figure him out and he figures you out. Then he is still hard but so darling you cannot help but love him to pieces. It has been hard for my children because things are different. Their routine is messed up. They wake up with other children in the house. My three year old feels a little replaced when I hold the other three year old who needs his mom right now but all he has is me for the moment so he’s going to deal the best he can with what I can offer. I am tired. My back hurts.

I explained it like this to my oldest: It may seem like a sacrifice for us right now. And I know I am less patient and more critical because I am stressed out right now. But think of how THEY feel. Think of what THEY are going through. Our “sacrifice” is really nothing at all in comparison. We will take care of ourselves and we will work through our own problems and come out ok. And we will help them in whatever way we can to work out their sadness and their loneliness and their stress and, to a degree, lack of understanding of their circumstances. If you were in their shoes how would you like to be treated? Like a burden? Like an inconvenience? Like a nuisance? If I were in their mother’s shoes I would pray and pray and pray that some other mother would hug and kiss and comfort and love my children. And understand that my children are stressed out and need EXTRA love and EXTRA comfort right now. That is what our Father in Heaven wants us to do. That is what we are going to do. Because we love this family. Because we love God. (And I do love those children! and they do get lots of hugs!)

Love is eternal. My lesson plan is not. I’m still going to keep going with it. I have a responsibility to my family that I cannot lay aside. But for awhile I have this little extra responsibility and opportunity to serve my neighbor. And as a family, as a homeschool you could say, we are going to learn how to do that all together.