Only a Penny to Spare: Budgeting and Curriculum Reviews

Wow. Check out that budgeting. This is called “Cutting it Way Too Close.”

2016-17 Homeschool Budget - curriculum purchasing plan

The reason this works is because the 2nd grader and kindergartner (next year) will be using our hand-me-down math textbooks that the oldest child received brand new. We just have to buy the new workbooks, etc. This will also work with grammar once the 2nd child gets to level 3 and so on, and Latin as well when she gets to 3rd grade. In fact, the more I think about it, most of our textbooks are reusable and just come with cheaper workbooks.

So the oldest child will always cost the most, in our system at least. Our spelling book never changes – we can use that through high school if they still need it – it is essentially a list of spelling words grouped by like phonograms or something.

The really nice thing, as long as you turn them in on time, is the books from the library are FREE! (Library post is in the works. We go there A LOT.)

Also, at a friend just pointed out to me that you can buy an entire year’s worth of curriculum by grade – so a 6th grade packet, a 7th grade packet, etc. It’s way cheaper, but you don’t get to hand select what you use. And of course, I didn’t see any Latin in there, so you know, you guys would be missing out on Latin which I know would break all those tender little students’ hearts. Or just mine.

If you would rather hand pick your books (or investigate the books sold in curriculum packages), check out these websites and ask around.