Preschool round 2! I and i

I was not as prepared as I usually am for my turn with preschool this week. But even so I feel like we had a wonderfully successful time. And I will now tell you ALL about it…

Our letter/sound of the week was long I. That seemed kind of difficult at first. But on day one we talked about our eyes (I know, not an I in the entire word!) and different kinds of eyes. I found a great book called “Eye to Eye” about different animal eyes and how they functioned. We didn’t read any of the book, just looked at the pictures. The kids enjoyed that. Then we used our own eyes by looking at “I Spy…” books. I was worried this would be too difficult, you know, too much focusing for the little kids, but with one exception (because there is always an exception) they all were pretty interested and looked at multiple books.

And now that I’ve figured out what the kids will/will not eat, snack time usually goes pretty well too. We also played “I spy with my little eye…” during snack time so that made it really fun.

After snack time we  made “magnifying glasses” that we could use with our next task – the High Five Magazine’s hidden pictures! Originally I wanted to make full on spectacles out of pipe cleaners and beads, but lo and behold, the morning of preschool I discovered we had a grand total of 6 pipe cleaners. Thanks to a desperate Facebook plea and willing and generous neighbors I did end up with plenty of pipe cleaners, but I changed my mind twice and we ended up just making magnifying glasses. I always feel like putting beads on a string (or pipe cleaner) is good for little children in helping them get their fingers ready for writing.

Day 2, today, we reviewed a little of Monday’s theme and then we talked about ice and all the different things you can do with ice. We came up with build an igloo out of it, skate on it, and lick it! Yum! And cold! Then we read the following two books about ice skating and ice fishing. The ice skating book prompted an argument on WHO could be Angelina Ballerina on ice because although one child said everyone could, another insisted that was NOT true and she was the only true Angelina. I’m glad Angelina is so popular.


Then we made our own ice cream! This was our highlight of the week. I did most of the work, but the kids all got a chance to pour various ingredients in the tub and they got to see how it worked. I think they enjoyed making the ice cream almost as much as eating it!


We went back down stairs while the cream was churning and the kids colored three different flavors of ice cream cones, whichever flavors they liked the best. The most unique award goes to the flavor Grass, while Chocolate receives the most popular award, maybe because one child colored all 3 cones brown for chocolate. Gag reflex award goes to the Maple Syrup flavor, but you know, whatever floats your boat.

Coloring done! It’s time to eat! And here I quote a 5 year old, “This is the best ice cream I have ever eaten in my entire life!” It was pretty good, I have to admit.

Normally I would have had some sort of worksheet – I still have a special place in my heart for worksheets even though I think they are kind of on the road out of here. But I forgot to refill my ink cartridge even though I was at Costco yesterday (sheesh!) so we skipped that. I’m not too concerned about the kids being able to write their letters perfectly at this point. I’m not big on pushing academics at early ages, although some children are definitely ready for it and they really enjoy it. For me, our little neighborhood preschool is for social interaction, exposing children to new things and new experiences, and learning to work and act as a group.

Everyone went home happy, although some children briefly refused to even go home, so that makes me feel like I did a pretty good job.

Round 2 is over. Only one round left to go before another year of preschool is over.

(Just FYI, technically I’ve done this more than twice this school year, but this is only the second time since the opening of the blog.)