Where Are Your Goals? Don’t Leave Home Without Them.

Homeschooling – and LIFE – are all about moving forward, getting things done, and achieving and becoming more than we were before. But homeschooling – and LIFE – don’t just happen on their own as you sit and binge watch (or for me binge read) your newest distraction – unless that is your goal, in which case go right ahead. You’re doing just fine.

I saw this blogpost and thought that now, as summer is here, (ok, it is for me. We just finished our official school year – YAY!) it is a great time to look back at where we were, where we are now, and where we plan to be. There is a lot of planning that goes on at our house. And I can see that goal setting has been part of that planning all a long. But maybe this year, starting this summer, I will incorporate some more defined goals and achievements right into our schedule. So many were just assumed before. This year I will make them more powerful.

Anyway, I hope you check this out and enjoy it. I am more encouraged to keep my goals in my pocket, rather than leave them in my car, or even worse, in a nightstand drawer back at home.