Sick Days: A Photo Narration

One morning I went downstairs expecting to see my 3rd and 1st grader started on their math. Only my daughter was down there getting her books out. “Where’s your brother?” I asked. “Oh, he’s sick today. He says he’s staying home.” Then she looked directly at me, “I’m sick too, by my mother says I have to go to school anyway.”

Well, we are sick again. My husband is convinced it is because I took the kids to an indoor McDonald’s play place two weeks ago. (Eh?) I have spent the last two days waking up feeling like I’m 7 days out from a tonsillectomy (which means my throat feels it is full of knives – dull knives). We’re done with “school” for the year so at least we’re free to just lounge around if we really need to. Here is how we spent our sick day. (And the day before and the day after looked pretty similar!)

I call this first photo “You Got to Choose the Last Movie, Give Someone Else a Turn” because the kids watched a LOT of movies – mostly Scooby Doo (glad I was sleeping).


And they read a lot. C. S. Lewis! This hopefully makes up for all that Scooby Doo.DSC03915

And they slept a lot.DSC03917WP_20160519_16_00_13_Pro

Sick food.DSC03913

Medicine of all varieties WP_20160521_19_50_28_Pro

More reading – and sleeping.WP_20160520_14_14_17_Pro

More Medicine – (my husband bought these – you can always tell when he’s done the shopping because there is a little chocolate snuck in somewhere.)DSC03916

What I didn’t photograph was the crying, goopy eyes, boogery noses, throwing up (that would have just been mean!), countless baths, and myself. Because Mamas aren’t aloud to get sick. 😦