A Hike a Week

For the 50th post on the blog I had hoped I would have something more important or impressive to write about, but it is hard to think about my big brainchild – Wholeschool- when I am sick. Which yes, we all still are. Some even getting worse. *deep sigh* Plus, I was using all the brain power I had left to write and deliver this talk about Relief Society. It’s not homeschool related at all, but I thought maybe somebody would find it interesting – footnote to that, my citations are horrible, but I tried to put in links wherever I thought it might be helpful.

Instead, I present you with “A Hike a Week.” This is my summer hiking program. We do one hike a week.

That about it sums it up.

Technically we are not limited to one hike. And during very busy weeks our hikes tend to be more like short walks in nature on paved trails.  The principle is that being surrounded in nature is good for our emotional health, connects us to the earth and heaven, and is good physical exercise (here’s a link to a study I didn’t fully read because it looked too intimidating but seems to support my thinking). The practice is we go out once a week to have that experience.

Conveniently, we have a little Memorial Day tradition that includes a short hike.This is a nice way to start off the summer “A Hike A Week” program. (Someone has got to come up with a better name for that for me.)  Technically Memorial Hill, the destination of Hike #1 is in the middle of a small town, but from the photos you will see it is pretty picturesque (well, you might not get that sense from my amateur photography.)

So here is Hike #1: Memorial Hill. The downside with this hike is that cars are frequently passing by you on the dirt road, but the upside is there is a beautiful monument at the top where one can pay respects to our brave and selfless soldiers who have died to preserve our freedom.

Photo Set 1: The Hike and Destination


Photo Set 2: The Nature Part


Photo Set 3: The Ice Cream (because if it is a tradition of mine, it usually involves ice cream!)