AHAW – Week 2: Dripping Rock

A.K.A. Dripping Kids. (And dripping Mamas too.)

This “hike’ really was more of a walk – about 10 minutes, paved, and barely any elevation gain. Pair that with an awesome water experience at the end of the trail and you’ve got success for all those little kids who like to experience nature by literally just soaking it all up in their socks and shoes. 🙂


My oldest was disappointed we weren’t going on an all day long hike, but I promised those days were coming. Mwa Ha Ha Ha!!!!! Oh, how he may regret that train of thought one of these days.

After the kids got around their initial “but it’s wet” attitude, they had so much fun finding sticks, rocks, and other treasures. It was childhood and nature how it was always meant to be. Lazy, carefree, discoveries around every corner – or under every boulder – sunshine, friends, and new friends all having a good time together.

At the same time we had our fair share of kids falling into the water, crying, terrified they were going to get swept down the river, skinned knees, dirty hands and feet, lost flip flops (recovered gratefully) and tears over the fact that we were never going to bring ALL those precious little treasures home. There were a few petrified-and-stranded-in-the-water moments, too. I kind of felt sorry for the people around us because we were pretty loud. Well, the crying children were pretty loud.

But that is the joy of hiking with lots of little children. I know my kids are going to cry at some point and the probability of tantrums is high.  So it totally doesn’t bother me that your kids are going to cry at some point, too. One of those facts of life you cannot ignore is that kids cry. In fact, fellow mom, that will seal our bond of friendship. We’ve all been there. Heck, if you’re like me, you’re there right now. And you’re gonna stay there for another 8 years or so. Oh, joy?

Yes, there is joy! And there are butterflies and wildflowers and streams and sunshine at the same time. So it’s all ok.

I’m headed to a conference tomorrow and one of the workshops I’m attending is on Charlotte Mason and nature studies. So by AHAW Week 3 I will hopefully have something more intellectual to add to my AHAW ramblings.  (ps, AHAW stands for A-Hike-A-Week, my summer program that sounds exactly like what it is.)

(I was going to add a few links to some “free range children” sites or articles, but one quick search told me that was going to get WAY too controversial. My point with the free range thing was that kids should play outside and get dirty and experience earth and wind and sky. (Hey, that could be a folk rock hit song! Oh yeah, so it already is. Well, all you folk rock nature lovers with little children, this one’s for you!)

And these photos are for everyone else. (Sometimes the slideshows take a moment to load up. Just give it a second.)

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