AHAW Week 3: The Grotto Falls

This is a fun little hike – very easy for kids – through the woods, along a stream, over bridges, ending at a fun waterfall you can get right under. (I’m all about getting wet on my hikes. It’s a theme.)

My next post will be my workshop notes from “Nature Studies” at the conference I attended. But this hike is always so crowded and busy, plus we came with lots of friends, so I didn’t even bother sitting my children down and making them observe and draw. I just let them run around and get dirty and explore.

That’s pretty important, too.

My camera ran out of batteries after about 3 photos so I used my phone – which cost about $50 so that tells you something about the quality of the photos here. And now I think my camera just official pooped out on me, so I guess I’ll be heading to Costco for another here soon. If only I had the money to buy one…

So, I present you – in low definition and poor quality – The Grotto Falls up Payson Canyon.

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