Pow Wow (and vegetables)

My oldest son keeps telling me we don’t have school in summer. Right. (wink wink) I just sometimes happen to find great experiences and activities to participate in that compliment what we’ve studied during the school year. It’s not school. It’s AWESOME!

Speaking of awesome, this Pow Wow was awesome.

We attended a Pow Wow put on by the Title 7 kids of the public school district in which we live. Last year the pow wow was close enough to our house that we could hear the drums. This year we had to drive an entire 7 minutes to get there. I’m not going to deny that we are beyond lucky here.

I kind of felt weird going around taking pictures of people – I really, really, REALLY wanted to get a photo of Buffalo Nation on the drum – so instead I just took picture of our fry bread and some of the dancers in action. During the intertribal dance everyone was invited to go out and dance. My daughter ran out to dance with her friend, the outgoing title 7 junior princess. A friend of ours finally convinced the rest of us (minus the very reserved 8 year old) to go out as well. Thankfully only for a few minutes, though. The desire was there, but the coordination was not!

This event was one of the most fun things I have been to in awhile. The drum and singing were so beautiful! The rhythm was infectious. And the dresses and outfits were amazing. At some point during the pow wow my little kids looked up at me pleadingly, “Mom, are we Native American, too?” You could just feel the pride and honor these good people had for their heritage. What a rich legacy and culture! And of course, there are so many tribes, we were just able able to watch some dancers from tribes native to this area – Navajo, Walapai, and Ute at least.

Being at this event hopefully made what we studied during the school year come alive. It did for me. The books, most of them, were not very interesting and engaging. But live presentations and actual invitations to events such as this make cultures really come alive.

(I read the flyer wrong and we got there a little early. oops!)

 This is one of my son’s friends from church.DSC04201DSC04205 DSC04207 DSC04209 DSC04212 DSC04217

I think they said this dancer came down from Saskatchewan. He was absolutely amazing to watch.

Here’s a little video I found with Buffalo Nation. Just imagine listening to those voices and the drums ringing off the walls of the buildings and mountains and then watching these awesome dancers. It really was incredible.

And, by the way, our three sisters garden is coming right along.

(Please ignore the broken stroller and slowly dying picnic table – at least we have a nice new fence!)