AHAW Week 6: Donut Falls

Three and seven tenths of a mile never seemed so short! And an hour long drive (plus the 30 extra minutes because I couldn’t find the trailhead!! I blame google maps) never seemed so long. Truthfully the drive was fine. Just the last 30 minutes when I kept driving past the trailhead searching in vain and listening to my kids each repeat their individual annoyances over and over again was a little much. “I want to get out of the car. I want to get out of the car…” and “How much longer? How much longer?…” and “Why aren’t we there yet? Why aren’t we there yet?…” Thank goodness for friendly guys on the side of the road who know what they are talking about. You can never have too many of them, right?

Once we got into a parking spot (maybe the hardest part of the hike. Crowded!) and hit the trail, my 3 year old shouted, “This is the best hike I ever wanted to do!”

I’m not quite sure what that means, but I choose to understand it was he was pretty happy and excited… maybe just to be out of the car. 🙂

My cute 5 year old prayed before we left that “no one would fall down” and I’m glad he did because the trail was littered with rocks and roots. Really fun and still and easy trail, but you just had to watch your step. Also, as long as I’m listing grievances, if you want to see THIS part of Donut Falls… (photo courtesy of someone else.)


don’t bring little children because first you will have to somehow scale up THIS!


You can see little people up there at the top as well as that first part of the waterfall way up there in the sunshine, which I was told was the donut part. I wasn’t about to take a baby in the backpack and hold a 3 year old and 5 year old by the hand climbing up the waterfall just trusting my 7 and 8 year old would be able to make it on their own both up and down. So we missed the donut.

The hike, though, was fun and outside and crowded and a great experience. But since we didn’t get to see the “donut” part of Donut Falls up close, we went and bought some donuts for ourselves when we got home.




DSC04529 DSC04530 DSC04532 DSC04534 DSC04540 DSC04541


This was the hardest part of the hike. It was harder coming up due to the LONG line of people climbing down it. We had to find another face of the rock to climb up – and then a friendly hiker helped pull the little boys up. Thanks, Friendly Hiker!



I’m getting better! Only one photo of flowers. 



DSC04552 DSC04553 DSC04556


Not crying!!

DSC04561 DSC04564 DSC04568 DSC04574 DSC04575 DSC04577 DSC04565


DSC04593 DSC04596


He says he only likes the chocolate part. :/