AHAW Week 7: Albion Meadows and Cecret Lake

(Drum roll slowly building momentum crescendoing with…) The hills are alive…. with the sound of music!!!!

And yes, I did break out into singing on the trail.

This trail, technically two trails, were absolutely beautiful. And it was a perfect day to hike them. They were busy, but the traffic wasn’t terrible. And the sun was shining, but there were fluffy clouds to offer cover every once in a while.

However, somehow in all of my research and preparation for this hike, I failed to see that the total distance there and back was about 6 miles and the elevation gain was about 1520 ft. That is fine for me (minus a chunky baby on my back), but not so good for my three year old. Here are my favorite quotes from him on the trail.

“I’m not mad at everyone. Just one person. Papa. Because this hike is TOO LONG!” (Papa wasn’t even with us. Ha!

“All of my bones are breaking!”

“This is not fun.”

“I don’t like the tricky parts.”

“WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” (He did fall and hit is head on a rock, so I don’t begrudge him all the crying.)

“My feet hurt.”

“My legs are not strong.”

“We should go on this hike again.”

“I LOVE hiking in the trees.”

“This is my favorite hike ever.”

“We are the dinosaurs marchin’, marchin’.”

So… I’m not sure what to make of all of that. I think he will have good memories at least.

However, we are going to take a bye from AHAW next week. My shoulders and hips and feet need time to recover. Near the top when we were almost to the lake, hikers would encourage us. “You’re almost there!” or “You guys are doing so great!” And all I could get out of my mouth was “My back hurts.” Honestly, I think I said that to 4 different people in a row.

Well, it was true. (ugh. It still is true.)

Anyway, these two trails have got to be my absolute favorite in Utah. Really just breathtaking. I wish the photos could do all of the wildflowers justice. The meadows were completed blanketed in them. Here are my favorite pics, all 28 of them. (Look for the baby moose!)

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