It Begins: School Prep

I decided we will start school this year on August 15th.


Because I am crazy, that’s why.

And because there are some fun things and a 10 day family vacation scheduled within the first 4 weeks of school that are going to interfere with academic time. I HATE being behind – and secretly I really like being ahead – of the public schools around here. They help me pace myself. I’m afraid I wouldn’t start school until mid September if I didn’t roughly follow their schedule. (Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I suppose.) But as it is, I usually start with them and end a month or so ahead. It works for us, at least. (We don’t take as many days off during the school year also.)

Seeing as I was starting to hyperventilate over the amount of work that will go into teaching 3 grades and 9 subjects at the same time (AHHH!!!), I started working on the first week’s plan. And then I took deep breaths and told myself… “One bite at a time. One day at a time. If it isn’t working, just make some alterations. It looks scary right now, but you did almost this exact thing last year and you can do it again this year.”


The first couple weeks of scheduling are kind of overwhelming for me. But then, of course, we get into our routine. Scheduling becomes easier because it is all predictable. I realize, again, that this is all doable and, quite honestly, really enjoyable.

And it develops patience. Patience I will need for the children, and patience I will need for myself.

I organized the craft supply closet and restocked it at Walmart. (Hopefully I won’t need to go back for supplies all year long.)


How about that? Dante, Charles Dickens, The Real George Washington, and a small library of USSR and Communist China books are stored with craft supplies. We have a storage space shortage here.

I organized the school books and have read through or looked over the first chapters of most of them.


Just the top shelf and the yellow/orange books on the bottom right. The other books on the bottom left are some from last year.

I’ve got a plan for how to make things run more smoothly (as in prepping now what I can instead of the week before the lesson. This should make weekly lesson planning much simpler.)

I’ve compiled a list and made a plan for our first major history unit of the year – the American Civil War. The book list includes 32 highly recommended books – post to come later in September or October.

I even made myself a binder! (look at me, all organized and on top of stuff. I’m so proud.)

Anyway… a week and a half left of summer and then ready or not (don’t worry, I will be ready) here we go!