Backyard Birds (Another No-Science-In-Summer Activity)

I need to clarify that title. My oldest son declared back in May that we would NOT be learning anything in the summer. School is out, of course. But then when he would ask questions and I would start answering them he would quickly interrupt and say, “Wait! No science in summer!” So it is kind of a joke. There is obviously science and all learning ALL THE TIME. You just have to recognize it.

Earlier this summer we noticed a sweet mother robin acting a little too suspiciously protective of her nest. Convenient for us, and probably annoying for her, she decided to build her nest right in our apple tree at an easily reachable level – if you stand on the little plastic slide and reach at just the right angle. 🙂

After discovering the nest we took photos every single day until the birds flew the coop, so to speak. We started out with 4 little cheepers but ended up with just 2. (I’m pretty sure big brother and sister just ate their littler siblings! That’s kind of gross.)

We watched the first (and maybe unknowingly scared the first) little bird out of the nest. I was horrified, thinking I had just doomed baby bird to an early death. The second bird jumped out the next morning anyway, so I guess even if bird number one was premature to leave, it was technically only by hours.

The most interesting thing to me was that the birds didn’t learn to fly as they jumped out of their nest. (Was that ridiculously naive of me to think? The answer is “yes.”) Those little birds hung around our back yard, and one made it into the front yard for a day, still being fed by their mother until they figured out how to fly. This was really fun to watch since in the morning we could go out and try to find the birds somewhere in the melons or the corn. And their mom would scream at us and tell us to get away in her most fierce and threatening “cheep cheep”s. But the babies were kind of used to us and they didn’t freak out so much. We could just be a few feet away from them and they were fine with it.

That only lasted a few days. Now they are long gone. At least I assume so. I didn’t tag them or anything.

But we have this GREAT little photo book! (We made a hard copy book, but here are the photos IN the book.)

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Anyway, just another no-science-in-summer activity. Here are a few videos as well. They are all about 20 to 25 seconds long. Baby birds are cute and all, but nobody wants to watch them for that long.