Battle of the Banana Breads

Just a fun little no-science-in-summer science experiment. We had a gazillion old frozen bananas in our freezer and my husband was getting at me to make banana bread.

So we did.


Six loaves of banana bread.

We decided to do a little comparison and contrast on baking methods.

Method 1: the bread machine – lovingly donated by the kids’ great grandmother. One loaf for that machine


Method 2: the regular oven – 3 loaves


Method 3: the sun oven – a birthday present from 2 years ago. Two loaves in that guy.


The idea was to use the same recipe for all ovens, but I figured we better use a bread machine recipe for the bread machine. I’m not a great baker or anything, but I can make a pretty decent loaf of white or wheat bread in a regular oven. Still, give me something “simple” and “easy” like a bread machine and I generally fail.


I’m not sure if this is considered a fail, but I’m not sure this can be called banana bread either. More like white bread that happens to have 2/3 cup of banana mush. The kids liked the bread, but I don’t think I’ll use that recipe again.

The sun oven is supposed to make your baked goods more moist. But I may have over baked these. Flat on the top, but probably our best loaves of bread. Not that they tasted much different than the regular oven loaves.

Which I probably over baked. They were a little dry.

This is pretty simple science. In fact, the “science” we were practicing is mostly observation. There is a lot to be said about observing closely and noticing similarities and differences. That is how, after all, you come up with questions. Also cooking and baking is always a great way to practice math. Because obviously when you are doubling, or tripling, a recipe, you’ve got some numbers to manipulate. The best part about this kind of science, you know, banana bread science, is eating it.


Although I six loaves is a lot for one family – even with five little kids!

And I still have about 12 old frozen bananas in the freezer.