There is Nothing Like Duck Dodgers in the 24th Century! (a.k.a October Field Trip Summary Written By A Kindergartner)

October has the best seasonal field trips.

Honestly, October has the best everything.

I just love everything about October.

I decided to let my Kindergartner write this post for me. Just like the Magical Bird Show, or whatever his previous write up was, this comes from his weekly narration of current events and activities in our home. Photos by me. 🙂

I did like the corn maze. And I liked the pumpkins. And I liked the bird show. And I liked the tractor ride. And I liked the corn pit. My brother buried me in the corn. Yes, it was fun. It was funny. We saw birds, pigs, donkeys, kangaroo, geese, and goats. My sister and I went down the slides for a long time. My most favorite things were the pumpkins. I got to pick a rumbly-tumbly one. White pumpkins, orange pumpkins, little pumpkins, big pumpkins, $1 pumpkins, $5 pumpkins. They had some squash that you could buy. They were weird because they were bumpy.

We went to the Scarecrow Festival. We saw scarecrows. There was a Mike Wazowsky scarecrow and the blue guy. One was a big monster named Hrothgar from the 24th century. (Duck Dodger and the 24th of Centuries!!!) We found a pond full of fish. We fed the fish. We saw statues of Jesus and chickens and Joseph Smith. We saw big bounce houses and we bought some popcorn and we went down to the bounce houses. It was so fun because there were some slides and bounce houses and music. The sun was shining and it was a nice day. We played with leaves. Then my head ache hurt and we went home. Bye bye.