An Archimedes Screw

Yes, I know. It’s been a while.

I would like to say it has been because I have been so busy doing good and spreading cheer and joy this holiday season… or because I have been taking a break and enjoying the peace and serenity of this holy time of year and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas.

But actually it is just because we got Amazon Prime and my husband spends every evening watching free documentaries on the laptop.

(All I want for Christmas is my OWN laptop and a good wifi connection.)

I have lots to post, but since time is short (the documentary was only an hour tonight so I got to squeeze in) I will favor you with our own rendition of the Archimedes screw. This screw is used to transport water from lower to higher elevations. I suppose it has other applications as well.

Like making applesauce. (Which we did A LOT this October. So much, indeed, that my kids begged me NOT to get the strainer out to remind them of how useful screws are. They promised they remembered.)

But our model definitely is only good for moving water. Well, it’s good at giving you good ideas on how you could make a BETTER Archimedes screw in your own homeschool.

And here I captured just a sweet moment of my little engineer working the simple machine after all the boys had distractedly wandered off. Who says girls aren’t into science and mechanics!