German + Christmas + Kindergartener

Time again for a 5 year old to tell you all about his field trip adventures!

This particular 5 year old is learning German. We’ve got a good deal of German heritage, plus my mother-in-law came over here from Switzerland. I majored in German at college and spent a year in Germany as an Au Pair. We spoke only German in the home for 5 years… but little K was about 2 or so when we stopped so although he’s got some of it still in him, he doesn’t remember a whole lot. Amazingly, he is very good at picking it back up, though. At 2 he was already a pretty skilled German speaker (better than the next 2 year old was at English!) so this is kind of fun for us.

Our first field trip was to a Christmas market in Salt Lake City. Kind of a drive, but for me it was definitely worth it. Christmas in Germany is completely magical and I wanted the kids to have that experience, too. I don’t know if they got it, but I had a lot of fun.

Our second field trip was to my good ol’ alma mater for a German Advent Concert. Obviously I couldn’t take photos during the concert, but I have a few of a the kids being slightly obnoxious as we wait to enter the concert hall. I have a friend whose husband was the official photographer so maybe I can get a few from her. (Update: SCORE! best photos ever!)

Anyway, without further ado…. Field Trips in the Eyes of a Five Year Old.

I went to the Weihnachtsmarkt. That means “Christmas Market” in German. So at the Christmas Market we went around and we saw this scary animal and we heard a choir and we saw the German Santa and we saw a German angel? There was an angel looking thing. And we ate lots of good food. Sausages and potato salad, and a noodle stuff, and we ate sauerkraut and we had some good rolls. I didn’t eat any rotkol because I don’t like it. My favorite thing was the scary creature and we went to lots of little barns and it was very cold and we went with my friends to the Weihnachtsmarkt. Again, that means “German Market.”

And I went to a concert that had my friend Sister Nay in the choir. I liked the songs. They had violins and big horns and the audience and me and my family got to sing a song two times. There was a man from Germany that read scriptures in German. We took our picture with him after the concert and my friend, too. Da da da doo. It was very late when we went home. We had gingerbread cookies but no milk. It made me want to sing some more German. So I am learning “Kling Gloeckchen, Klingelingeling.” This is the end.

Teacher/Mother’s note: Here are some direct quotes form my kindergartner during the concert. “Did some of them come from Germany?” “This is a lot of songs,” “I wish I was German,” and “Mom, it’s a good thing I came.” Awww, bless his little heart.

Stay tuned for Little K and his preschool brother performing “Kling, Gloekchen, Klingelingeling.” It should be… entertaining.