Am I too Late for Thanksgiving?

Sure, technically as I type this Thanksgiving was over about 3 weeks ago, but my Thanksgiving decorations are still up so I’m not going to stress over it.

Technically speaking, up until yesterday I had Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations all on display in my house. If you count our pumpkins by the front door, I guess I still do. I hear HalloThanksMas is a real thing. I’m just going to go with that.

Did we learn about pilgrims? Only if you count the movie the kids watched a month ago. Did we learn about the Wampanoag Native Americans? Um… only if you count the movie the kids watched a month ago. (We were going to watch Squanto, too, but I think the kids overruled me and watched Scooby Doo instead.)

In my defense, in years past we have done virtual field trips, read books, crafted crafts, pretended to eat hard tack and dried beef (saltines and beef jerky) and I’m sure I’ve made them memorize a Thanksgiving hymn at some time or another. My heart just wasn’t in it this year I guess. (As shown by the fact that the Halloween decor was still up.)

Did we make Turkeys?

YES! (One is a chicken. We are just big chicken lovers over here. And the tropical looking one? At our house that is called “creativity” 🙂 )

Did we eat delicious food and spend time with family?


(Here’s another little turkey for you!!)

But more importantly, did we acknowledge our blessings and give thanks to God and those around us?

Yes, we did.

We can redo the Plimouth Plantation virtual field trip again. We will, most assuredly, cover the who’s and where’s and why’s of the first Thanksgiving more than once over the next few years. All of that is very important to the integrity and honestly of our nation. But some days we just need to sit back and eat some pie… or eight of them.

Right now, I am just thankful that I am still standing. But that is a topic for another blog post.