Over Christmas Break…

What do homeschoolers do when they aren’t having “official” school? Ummm… still homeschooling, just with less paper.

Our Christmas break adventures… and non adventures… in journal format with (way too many) photos and videos where applicable.

Day 1, Saturday: I honestly don’t remember much. But it was busy, and after *Santa* filled the stockings she went to bed exhausted. According to my photos we must have done a small nativity reenactment involving lots of towels and a lion.

Day 2, Sunday: The two older kids played the piano during the children’s portion of the Christmas program at church and I couldn’t have been more proud. Especially for the one who really does not like to perform. It makes me feel like these last 2 1/2 years of piano are paying off. Then another little concert that evening up at Grammy’s.

And yes, since you’ve all been waiting for it, “Kling Gloeckchen, klingelingeling,” performed by pre-schooler, kindergartner, and second grader.

Day 3, Monday: P.E. of course!

Day 4, Tuesday:  This is where the break actually began. Ah, the rare and beloved non-responsibility days! We filled it with Legos and books.


Day 5, Wednesday: Another non-responsibility day. The kids were still in heaven, but honestly at this point I was getting bored out of my mind. The kids made a snowman using an inclined plane–because the second snow ball was too heavy to lift on their own. (That’s using your head!) Somehow I got the third one up there for them.


Day 6, Thursday: Up to the massive children’s museum for some crowded, noisy, nonnegotiable and non-imaginative play. Ok, it wasn’t really completely non-imaginative, but still sort of forced play… One of the books I read on Day 4 talked a lot about actual free play and child driven imaginative play. So the entire time at the museum – which was such a mad house that I didn’t take any photos – I kept thinking about how the kids may get just as much benefit when they just dig in the dirt in the backyard. It’s cheaper, too. And, by the way, the kids had a blast. So you know, forced play every now and again probably isn’t such a bad thing. (More later on that fabulous book I read! It really is a must read for any parent, not just a homeschooling one.)

Also, thanks to a post on a homeschool Facebook group page, we were able to find the Eagle Cam and watch two bald eagles in SW Florida hatch their little eaglets! As of publication (that sounds so official) one eaglet has yet to hatch, but the live cam operates 24/7/365 as far as I can tell, so there will be plenty of time to hop on and watch the little eaglets learn to fly. Check it out at http://www.dickpritchettrealestate.com/eagle-feed.html#


Day 7, Friday: We decided to construct a Heron’s fountain and found a few good youtube videos to show us how. I would say our model was pretty decent.

Except it didn’t work.

We figured out the problem and will be able to do a better job next time, but for now at least my oldest can tell you exactly how and why a heron’s fountain does work (just not ours), and that’s good enough for me.

We made this, in the first place, because the week before we attempted an experiment that was supposed to shoot water out of a bottle just with the force of pent up air pressure. But we couldn’t get that one to work either. Oh well.

Here is one of the youtube videos we watched. This guy makes me laugh for some reason.

Also they used the aforementioned snowman building inclined plane to make… another inclined plane! Viola! (Did I mention these kids just might be geniuses? Maybe I forgot to mention that. 😉 )


Day 8, Saturday: Oh wait, that’s today. Cleaning the church, our monthly Grown-Up Only hike (I’ll talk about these later. They are semi-related to homeschooling if you take into account the fact that most of us are going to crash land and burn up if we don’t take some time for ourselves once in a while, as in without those little geniuses we are mentoring,) and a bag of potato chips and onion dip to celebrate the new year.

Day 9, Sunday: We’ll ring in the New Year at the best place I can think of – at church! With God and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, dedicating ourselves once again, like we do every week, to trying a little better, working a little harder, loving a little more, and forgiving and repenting as much as possible. I love that every Sunday, and every day, can be a new beginning. This is just a little extra fun being able to start the new year in the right way on a Sabbath day. Happy New Year!

And Monday… back to the grindstone! Vacation’s officially over!!

I’ve gotta go enjoy my potato chips and onion dip while I still can.

See you next year.