Snow as a Supplement

It’s not a vitamin or mineral supplement. It may not even be a health supplement at all. But when you’ve got as much snow and white and grey and wet and cold as we do, try to get some vitamin D and a blue light. I do hear that it actually helps.

Snow as a supplement to your academics, of course!

History: We’re still in World War I  – so of course we built some trenches and had a neighborhood snowball fight. Because (wink, wink) homeschoolers are so unsocialized and awkward around other people that they must not have any friends or know how to play. I think all together we had about 12 people over at once. Pretty good for short notice. (I wasn’t entirely sure I liked the idea of the kids playing “war,” but obviously in the end they did, so judge me all you want.

Physics: Why not talk about friction and momentum on your way to church at 9:00 am after really heavy wind has blown snow drifts all around your yard and into your once plowed roads! So applicable! We also talked about ramming speed… you know, sometimes it’s necessary. (This pic is from the way home 3 hours later so the road don’t look as treacherous, but believe me, we got to church on the wing of a prayer more so than in the seats of our minivan.) PS. Don’t drive and take photos at the same time.


Math: Alright, so maybe less snow related, but definitely winter related. Daily low temperature are only interesting when they are really low! Here we have “How Low Can You Go?” A line graph comparing the daily low temperatures of Salt Lake City, Utah and St. Paul, Minnesota. (Hello, cousins in Minnesota! I hope with your cold weather you are also getting lots of snow!)


Engineering: (I think we talked about this already). When building snowmen bigger than yourself, it is wise to incorporate simple machines, such as an inclined plane, to lift the abdomen and head… and to have a mother who takes pity on you and does it for you, too (with the help of the inclined plane, of course.)


P.E.: Duh. (Wait, did I already blog about this too? Guys, I may be losing it.)

Art: This would have also been an obvious choice, but I still get a failing grade for art in my homeschool, so sadly there are no art projects to show off.

Wait! What about shoveling snow? Is that an art? What if you have almost 3 1/2 feet of it? This specific snow shoveling sculpture, still untitled, is pretty awesome (and so functional) in my opinion.


Until next time, may your snow be fluffy and white!