Random Field Trip Two Years in the Making

Two years or so ago, when the aquarium was brand new, I promised the children we would go there someday when it was too cold and rainy or snowy to play outside. And then we just never went. For two years. Until, obviously, just recently.

Yes, it was fun.

Yes, my husband got to go with us. Yay!

Yes, my toddler ran EVERYWHERE and it was my husband who chased him down so the kids and I could see the fish.

Yes, I have an awesome husband.

Yes, I took more pictures of my kids than I did of any of the aquarium animals.

Because my kids are animal enough!

And WAY cuter than fish. 🙂

Here are all those cuties… and the toddler in the beginning stages of escaping.

Here we have a poison dart frog and a kindergartener making… a poison dart frog face? I don’t really know, but he sure is cute.

Aforementioned kindergartener racing the penguins as they swam by, and the more relaxed penguins taking a break.

A lizard and a leopard. I never really understood why they put animals like those in aquariums… except maybe to keep the kids’ attention. Because really, no matter how colorful and funny looking they may be, how long can you walk around looking at just fish?

Unless you look at them like this?


My daughter and I could probably have spent quite a while looking at fish like that.

(Throw in a little underwater meditation music… now we are all set.)

I could watch this for a long time… if I had nothing else to do, of course.

And you are welcome! With that little meditation/video link I just saved you a trip to the aquarium! (But if you do go, make sure you check out the sharks!!)