Homeschooling Moments: March 5th – 11th

Some of these may or may not be events/scenarios exclusive to homeschoolers… well, I don’t know. You can judge for yourself. But they are all actual events/scenarios recorded by myself in my house this last week.

Behold! I present to you Real Moments from My Crazy, Wonderful, Joyful, and Sometimes Overwhelming Week as a Homeschooling Mom, March 5th through the 11th edition.

  • Watching my kids run around like maniacs throughout the house first thing in the morning pretending to be electrons – always repelling each other and always in motion. This was accompanied by many screams and much laughter.
  • Then watching them pretend to be magnets. Our heads had to all be opposite poles of the various magnets so as to attract and stick to each other. (Is this not sounding fun to you? It was fun for about 3 seconds.)
  • Listening to the kids discuss which one of them would get to teach the preschooler how to read.
  • Getting done with all of our kindergarten “work” in 15 minutes. (There must have been some kind of magical motivation going on there.)
  • Enduring the kids begging me to check out the entire opera “The Magic Flute” on DVD from the library because they really like the song (retitled by them as) “Gonna Catch a Girlfriend.” (Papageno’s opening song in Act I.)
  • Having a discussion with my 4th grader about crossbreeding fruits and vegetables and plant genetics just because he had read something about it and wanted to know more.
  • Having that discussion about what happens to our food when we eat it, how the nutrients get into our blood and then into our cells, and then what happens to the waste. The Kindergartener was LOVING it! And the 4th grader felt sick and had to leave the room. (Ok, people, if you are going to ask me a question, I am just going to come out and tell you the answer, whether you really want it or not.)
  • Turning the car radio on to hear “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” and hearing the kids squeal with excitement because “We know this one!!!!”
  • Hearing my 4th grader retelling the story of Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot to his younger siblings. We haven’t talked about this is 3 years, and I had forgotten all about it. (I had to look it up on Wikipedia to even make sure I got the name right.)
  • Realizing we are going to get done with “school” early again this year and getting excited about planning in a field trip or two every week just so we don’t have 5 months of summer. (Too much of even a good thing…)
  • Planning next week’s camping trip to the awesome red rocks of Arches National Park while everyone else gets to sit in a desk at school.
  • NOT having to make a leprechaun trap!!!!! (Oh, how I love this one. Because I am a quasi St. Patrick’s Day grinch, too.)
  • Realizing my chid is a sentence diagramming GENIUS! (or at least it looks like that to me!)


Ask me again what I love about homeschooling. 🙂