Well, actually it’s just an electroscope. But we made it, and it WORKS!!

Can you tell I haven’t had much science success lately? I haven’t felt this awesome about a science experiment since our marbles, tennis balls, and Newton’s Second Law of Motion!

(Now I am just sounding like a science geek.)

I’m totally ok with that.

We have started discussing electricity and in doing so have gone back quickly to atoms and electrons. One of the things we reviewed is that electrons repel each other.

Well, in generating static electricity (by helping “loose” electrons jump from the shells of their atoms of one material to welcoming atomic shells of another material) we were able to negatively charge up a balloon and then actually send the electrons from our balloon down an aluminum foil conductor. Once the build up of electrons hit the two ends of the foil… well, I’ll just let you see for yourself.


Here’s all the nitty-gritty science for you. Just imagine all those little +s are actually little -s.

And technically we didn’t have a charged rod… just a leftover blue balloon.

And also we used plain old aluminum foil. I save the gold foil for special occasions. 😉

But basically I feel like we are full fledged physicists now seeing as we have successfully manipulated the very essence of electricity!!! Mwaaa Ha Ha!


Chalk up a few more points on the blackboard for me!