Frühlings Bilder (Spring Time Pictures)

In an effort to expand and practice German vocabulary with my kindergartener, we collaborated our artistic geniuses and produced a series affectionately and appropriately titled Frühlings Bilder, (Spring Pictures).

Mostly we just brainstormed spring words, cut appropriate shapes out of construction paper, and glued them on to other pieces of construction paper (and added some pen and marker when needed.) But then things sort of morphed and we added a hide-and-seek element, especially in the first picture. For instance, there are 19 flowers to find, 2 birds, 3 rabbits, 13 rain drops, and 7 Easter eggs, so that makes it extra fun.DSC07697

And there is a dinosaur head.DSC07701

I say just go with it. It’s kindergarten, after all.

Picture number 2 adds a little religious significance (not on purpose or planned or even my idea) with the cute little sheep and the black sheep bleeting out “Ich komme zurück!” (I’m coming back!) It’s being welcomed by that other sweet little white sheep at the tree smiling so joyfully and lovingly at him. DSC07702

(Aww! How precious! Bless their hearts!)


And picture 3 gets props for scientific accuracy with the addition of worm castings.

Uh… yeah.

Happy Spring Time!!!