Math Today: April 11 – Exponents, Multiplying Decimals, and Numbers to 100

The 4th grader practiced multiplying numbers with decimals (3.45 x 0.18), the 2nd grader learned all about exponents and multiplying 3 or more factors together ( 5², 2³, and 4 x 6 x 3), and the kindergartner practiced adding or subtracting 1s and adding or subtracting 10s from a number ( 58-1, 34+10, 98-40.)

Despite the kindergartner’s protests at having to learn ANYTHING at all (and then his gradual acceptance of the fact and later enthusiastic learning attitude – did I mention this is an everyday thing?) today was a winning math day.  We tackled some harder concepts (exponents), worked through our problems, understood new concepts, and made it through without tears.

Me included. 🙂

We can’t always sit at a desk or completely leave our toys behind, but we always get better at what we learned yesterday and learn something new today.

That was math today.