Physics Today: April 11 – The Theory of Relativity

The theory of relativity?


Ok. We’ll just go with it.

That was the next lesson in our physics book. Obviously, since the book is geared towards 3-5th graders, it wasn’t super detailed but just opened up and introduced the concept. Still, we were all confused. All, as in including me. (Not that I’m some kind of physics genius or anything…)

So I found a couple of Youtube videos that simplify the concepts. I have found the more you watch the videos, the more you understand what they are talking about. I ended up watching them each at least twice because a different set of kids would come and watch them at different times.

Even though the kids may still be someone confused (and that is ok) I feel like I understand this a little better.

So, was this a winning physics day for us? Uhhh…. no, probably not. But if nothing else I learned something. (And there may actually be “nothing else” to chalk up to today’s lesson. It’s a little too early to tell. Maybe we’ll watch the videos again on our next physics day, too.)

Here are the videos for your reference. Helpful for adults and older children. Maybe less helpful for younger children, however I can easily see my kids making comments about relative motion as soon as we get in the car this afternoon. 🙂