Preschool 2.5: Yellow and Yarn

My last preschool teaching day for the 2016-17 school year was last week. The year seems to have gone by really fast. Probably because my preschooler refused to attend for the first 2 1/2 months! Also this could be due to the fact that I actually didn’t teach on my last turn due to illness (but we still had preschool at home and it was really, really fun).

But it is over and that is that.

Until next September, when we get to do it again. Our preschool group this year was really young. Only one of them will be heading into kindergarten next year, so most of the moms have opted to take this group a second round.

Not to sound too negative, but I hope I don’t get the letter “Y” again next year. “Y” is just not my favorite letter.

All I could come up with for the longest time (without googling or looking at pinterest first, of course) was The Yellow Submarine.

No matter how cool I thought this song was when I was 13, I’m not going to play it to the preschool kids. Sorry. It’s just not gonna happen. (Maybe with my older kids, though, we could do a unit on the Beatles sometime….. hmm….. possibilities. That could be interesting. And then a unit on not doing drugs.)

I’m not ragging on the Beatles, here. I really do enjoy their music A LOT. But the 70s got a little weird, and I don’t think anyone is going to disagree with me on that one.

OK, so back to preschool.

With limited funds and limited time I settled on “Yellow” and “Yarn.” And an impromptu game of “Yummy or Yuck?”

We have accumulated lots of yellow construction equipment over the years. And here they are for you on display. We have quite a few firetrucks, too, but only the big one made it into the photo.


At circle time we proudly displayed all our show and tell items that started with the letter “Y.” It made me feel a little better that I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t come up with a whole lot of extra creative “Y” words.


We supplemented our lack of “Y” objects with playing “yummy or yucky?” The game is even easier than it sounds. “OK, guys, pancakes?” *giggles* “YUMMY!!!” *giggles* “What about pancakes with mushrooms?” “Ewww!!! Yucky.” *giggles* “OK, so maybe ice cream?” “YUMMY!!” “Ice cream with mushrooms?” *giggles*  “Ewww!!! Yucky!” *giggles* “Ok, your turn. Can you think of a food? And then we get to say if it is yummy or yucky.”

For some reason mushrooms became the villain of the day and all our yucky foods were just yummy foods with extreme amounts of mushrooms loaded on top. Extreme as in one hundred billion or “ten one hundred twenty million hundred fifty.”

That amount of mushrooms would probably certainly make anyone sick to their stomachs. Yucky, indeed.

Throw in a worksheet? Sure, why not? This happens when I haven’t made it to the library to check out any books to read the kids and I’m afraid I will have too much extra time. On the other hand, we got to learn some new words, like “yacht” and “yeanling.” Worksheet makers sometimes can’t come up with very fun Y words either, apparently. (Spellcheck doesn’t even recognize “yeanling” as a word, but I promise it is.)


Then up to the kitchen – not to eat mushrooms – but to paint with all different shades of yellow! Because if one yellow can make you happy, lots of yellows should just make you squeal with delight! And painting with them, oh joy, will probably just make you pass out due to exhilaration overload.

Or just give you a good reason to use some of the old aprons that have been sitting in the paint drawer ever since the first day of preschool. I couldn’t even remember why we used aprons way back when, but the kids did. I was super impressed.


We painted pieces of cardboard, meant to later be turned into lace up cards (get it? with YARN?) but only one preschooler actually wanted to punch holes into her yellow(s) masterpiece, so we ended up with cheery yellow cardboard pieces. I forgot to take a picture of my example lace up card – so just imagine a yellow piece of cardboard with holes punched in it and a piece of yarn tied to a corner just waiting to be laced through all those holes.

We put away our paints, washed our hands, and dove right in to snack time.

Lemon (yellow) pudding, with multi-colored mini marshmallows (some of them were yellow) and animal crackers (is tan a shade of yellow?). In any case, it was yummy.

I’m not sure why I couldn’t just think of yoghurt! That was my “duh” moment that morning while making pudding before 8 am.

After snack we made little yarn monsters. I cannot for the life of me find the website with the little tutorial on how to make these specific little monsters. But let’s just let it suffice that I did not come up with this on my own. Basically you wrap a bunch of yarn around a small cardboard rectangle (about 4 inches long or so), slip a pipe cleaner through the top and twist for the horns, pull the yarn off the cardboard, tie a piece of yarn around to make a neck, cut the yarn loops at the bottom of the non-head side of the monster, glue googly eyes on, etc. DSC08174

I tried to get the kids to name their monsters with Y names, but honestly, all I could come up with was Yolanda and Yanni. So in reality, we have, from left to right, Washi Washi, nameless, nameless, nameless, Yolanda, and Olivia.

Good enough.

That is the grade I give myself for this preschool session. The kids had so much fun and really, this may have been their favorite preschool at our house this year.

But, personally, I still hope I don’t get assigned “Y” next year.

… then again, there is always “yoga.”