Loaded Spring a.k.a Field Trips for Everyone!

We didn’t do Spring Break this year.

Instead, we do Loaded Spring! It’s been really fun.

Why take only a week off when you can take a seriously awesome field trip almost every week – or whenever you want, no commitments, just fun.

Let’s face it. By the time we get to March, we are so tired of being cooped up in the house for the entire winter. The grey, cold, and wet days are finally ending and we all just want OUT.

And, I will be completely honest, mom is just a little burnt out.

(I feel like I can say that without too much negative repercussion aimed at the homeschool community at large, because have you not seen Facebook posts from your public/private/charter school teacher friends starting just before spring break and not ending until the school year is over? They are tired of it, and they want out, too!)

We all still love it. We all still wouldn’t give it up for the world. But we are all ready for a little shake up. And honestly, one week off is just not going to cut it for me.

Or my kids.

Because they are a little burnt out, also. (As I type this up we are nearing the last two weeks of school. The children have only a handful of short, wrap up lessons left. But even these minimal tasks are taking FOREVER because they are just ready to be done with “book” learning.)

Every year up until this one we have just been able to plow through and be done at the end of March or very early beginning of April, but because of a certain program I signed up for, I’ve got to drag the school year out until the rest of the public school kids finish. So although we are just days away from finishing our curriculum in many subjects (and no, I didn’t skip that many chapters) we’ve got to make it last just a wee bit longer than is comfortable.

Which leads us to Loaded Spring.

Field trip today. Field trip tomorrow. Field trips for everyone!!!

Throw in some schoolwork on Wednesday and Friday. And lets see whose in charge of homeschool park day Friday afternoon.

Yeah, this is going to work out just fine!

We still get all our work done. But we have at least one really fun thing to look forward to every single week.

We started in March, when we took a “field trip” to Moab, Utah, camped along the Colorado River, hiked to gorgeous natural arches, and met up with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who were also out in that area for a half marathon. (This homeschooling mama is not a runner. But I cheered really loud as my sisters and nephew crossed the finish line!)

We’ve been to a nearby Tulip Festival.

We’ve been to a Japanese Internment Camp smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

While in the middle of nowhere we went rock hounding at Topaz Mountain.

We’ve been to a local high school philharmonic orchestra.

We were able to get a small group of homeschoolers together (so we could qualify for the discount pricing) and went up to the aviary.

I’ve got the planetarium on my list for after we finish talking about the Cold War and the space race in history.

One homeschooling group I am a part of is concocting a Half Way Halloween Party. We’ve already got our costumes ready!!

Park Day this Friday promises fantastic weather – and as always, fantastic friends and other mamas to visit with.

And whatever else I can think of, I’m gonna toss in there.

But only until the end of May. Because that is when “school” gets out. And my kids are going to be so sad and wish it could just go on forever. I can already hear their cries, “Please mom! Please, can we just do school all summer long! Please, mom! I LOVE homeschool!!!”

Yes, I know you do. So do I.

But don’t worry, kids. I’m already planning out next year’s curriculum! It’s gonna be awesome!

(And even though the popular phrase at our house is “there is no school in summer,” I’ve got a lot of hands on practical learning activities – yes, some of which are just chores, cooking, and gardening mwah ha ha! – planned for the next few months when all our “text books” are back on the shelves.)