Nebo Philharmonic Orchestra

One of our many, many field trips this spring was to the spring concert of the Nebo Philharmonic Orchestra. As far as I understand, this group is made up high achieving and motivated high school (and occasionally junior high school) kids who have a love of music.DSC08175

We called this our “symposium” field trip, since every day we listen to a piece of classical music and switch out our songs for new ones every week. (We are on Gershwin right now and let me tell you, waking up to the Cuban Overture is kind of exciting!)

There was a lot of variety on the menu, from Resurgences Op. 162 by Robert Sheldon, Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 4, New World Symphony by Dvorak, Vivaldi’s Concerto for 2 Cellos in G Minor, and Prairiesong (Strommen), Pirates of the Caribbean (Baudelt), and Pinball Wizard.

Talk about FUN!DSC08185

While some of our favorite field trips are far away and take a lot of planning, some of the best field trips are semi spur of the moment and right down the street! This was one of the latter, and I am so glad we went.


I loved playing in the high school pep band, symphonic winds, and symphonic orchestra. Some of my favorite high school memories are of the great people in those groups and the amazing music we didn’t just play, but felt and experienced. Watching this concert made me so excited for my kids to have those experiences, too.  So I asked my 4th grader which instrument he would like to play from all those he saw that night, and his response was,”Well, if you made me play one of those, I guess I would do the drum set.”

My 2nd grader responded more enthusiastically. “I want to play the triangle!!!!”

Uh…. ok. Sure.

There is always a need for talented percussionists out there.