Topaz Mountain

While were out visiting the Japanese Internment Camp near Delta, Utah, we decided to figure out what else there was out there to visit. Seriously, when you travel that far for a day trip, you better have enough stuff to fill your entire day to make it worth it.

Well, I’m not totally sure it was worth it (the kids say it was), but we found a place to go rock hounding and find us some semi-precious gemstones.

My 4th grader was sure he was going to be able to collect enough to buy us a new house.

SEMI – precious, dear. Just semi.

And hounding for gemstones doesn’t always translate into actually finding gemstones.

I was more than a little worried I would finish out the day with empty handed children with tear filled eyes.

Our first stop was into the town of Delta itself to visit the rock shop. Internet searches told me to look for this place first to get the best info on where to go for the best pieces of Topaz. I would suggest giving this guy a visit, too. He’s got really interesting things in his shop, plus he is super nice. And super helpful.


One booklet, 2 maps, and 5 mini magnifying glasses later (plus a visit to a park, a museum, and a historic site) we were off to the mountain.


It was farther away than I expected.

But we got there. (Helpful hint: don’t try to get there in a minivan. A big truck would have handled the crazy dirt roads quite a bit better.)

The higher up the mountain you go, the bigger pieces of topaz you can find. But I wasn’t going to make it very far with the monster (weight, not temperament) two year old on my back, so we stayed near the bottom and made do with the little pieces.


“Mom? Is this a piece of topaz?”

“No, that is a piece of broken glass. Don’t touch it.”


We had that conversation a lot. I would have enjoyed this trip WAY more if I wasn’t worried the entire time that I was destroying my new used minivan or for the broken beer bottles all over the place.

“Well, they might actually just be soda bottles.”

Technically, yes. Soda bottles were a possibility. But I’m going to stick with my first hunch. I’m guessing people don’t go up there to drink Sprite. 🙂


But after all was said and done, searching for stones was my childrens’ favorite part of the entire day.

And now we are RICH!!!!!


Although some of those pieces may actually be broken “soda” bottle pieces. 🙂