Hike it Homeschoolers Fall 2017 Edition

I realize there are technically still almost 2 full months of fall before we hit winter. But lets just be honest here. It’s cold outside. I’m probably not going on a full on hike for a while.  (And if I change my mind and do, I will definitely update.)

Fall is, of course, busier than summer seeing as that thing called “school” has started back up again. I know a lot of homeschoolers do year round school. But we don’t. I mean, our summer is still filled with educational things. But we certainly don’t crack open the math books or anything.

So my list of hikes to report here for fall is short. But the quality of these hikes makes up for it by far. And we only went on 2 official HiH hikes (I was looking through my photos and realized as a family, or with other friends, we had done at least 3 others). So that means they had to be pretty outstanding, right?

Well, they were.

Brighton Lakes (Mary, Martha, and Catherine – plus a mini detour to Dog Lake) and Silver Lake (4 miles)

The trail starts at the base of Brighton Ski Resort. The first part of the trail follows the chair lift poles, but then veers off to Lake Mary (which is actually a reservoir) and continues a couple hundred yards to Lake Martha (which is actually a big-ish pond.) If you keep going you will take just two long switchbacks until you are actually quite high above the lakes (Dog Lake on one side and Mary and Martha on the other) and you’ll find cute little Lake Catherine. The trail continues even further up to Catherine Pass. If you continued you’d head up and out of Big Cottonwood Canyon and over down into Little Cottonwood Canyon, maybe somewhere near Albion Meadows. That would be a much bigger hike and so we decided to save that for another day. BUT, after seeing a moose at Lake Martha, other hikers tipped us off to 3 large moose just down the road at Silver Lake so we decided to go check that out and were not disappointed.

We were disappointed, however, that 8 other families signed up to meet us at the trailhead and not a one of them showed up! That is called life just happening. And you know what, it just always seems to do that. So we move on.

We had so much fun anyway. Maybe we will be able to go again next year and find some other homeschoolers to go with us.











Fifth Water Hot Springs (5 miles)

I’d been to these hot springs before, but it was in the winter during my college days… and it was in the middle of the night. Plus, that time we technically came from the east trail, and this time around I took a group of homeschoolers from the west trail. We had a really large group. It was incredibly beautiful and so much fun to be hiking with some of our hiking friends from the summer and some new hiking friends who joined us for the first time for this trip. The trail was pretty easy, but it was a 5 mile round trip trail, which made it a little long for the younger kids.