Homeschool Challenge of the Day (HCD): Getting the Books

Some homeschool days are better than others. Some challenges throw you completely off schedule, off script, and off the wall. So I’m starting a new regular on here called HCD – Homeschool Challenge of the Day. Let’s call this a place to vent, a place to express frustration, and a place to let other people know that even though today sucked was harder than usual, we’re all still ok and we’re going to make it – and we would probably still take our rough homeschooling days over not being able to have this blessing in our lives, anyway.

(For me, putting words to my frustrated feelings helps me realize how good I really have it. Verbalizing helps me realize that my rough days and hardships, although causing a lot of problems in the moment, aren’t really that life shattering. I am able to better take a step back and look at the whole picture when I try to explain it to someone else.)

I’m going to start out with a funny one, because I didn’t take a picture of my tantruming 2 year old in time before I plugged him in to the TV. (“I NEED WATCH CARS!!!!!”)

Getting the Books: Not figuratively, as in I am having a hard time finding the right books at my library (which also happens frequently.) But today, literally. I was having a hard time contorting my body and squeezing and shrinking myself into the size of 4 year old in order to get through the tunnel leading to our school/playroom housing the books on Ancient Greece.

Luckily this problem can be solved!


Or just cleaning up later this evening after making my husband try it, too! (It was really funny!)

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