Hike it Homeschoolers: Special Thanksgiving Edition

We made it out just one more time!

The weather had been freezing, but I just felt the urge to get out in nature before everything froze for real.

In reality, we hit a mini “heat” wave and the temperatures sprang back up in to the upper 60s/lower 70s, which is apparent in the muddy snow clothes in these pictures.

The trail was frozen on the way in, but definitely defrosted on the way back down!

This trail is called Big Springs Hollow. The trail to the “spring” is about 2 miles in. (I put that in quotes since the spring is all capped off and there isn’t much to see once you get there.) Since I brought my littles, we only made it to the meadow, which is maybe a mile or less up the trail.

We even brought out nature journals! But nobody felt like sketching anything. So… oh well. Next time, I guess.

This was a fantastic reminder as to why I don’t bring my littles hiking with groups. I’ll just let you imagine how fun that is. I know people do it all the time, but I think I just have different expectations for a hike than my 2 year old does. Sometimes we just don’t see eye to eye on things like that.

My number one goal for the hike was to see a wild turkey. And we were extremely lucky, because we saw a flock of about 15 or 20! Unfortunately my ultra zoom camera unexpectedly broke on our trip to the zoo a couple weeks back and it was still being repaired, so those pics are the best I could do with a tiny little pocket sized Powershot.

In any case, I got my turkey!



He found some ice crystals


He found a “green bean”


playing Hide and Seek in the meadow



This is how I hike with toddlers 😦