Animal Kingdom Book: Mollusks/Snails

(Photo Courtesy of FreeDesign – Macro Photography Snail Stock Photo)

The third group of animals we studied for our Animal Kingdom Book was the Mollusk family. Or I guess I should say, the Mollusk Phylum. We learned that some defining characteristics of mollusks include a soft body, a hard shell, and no feet! If you are thinking snails, you’re right. But mollusks also include limpets, octopi, and squids.

My bio book suggested we go outside and find a bunch of snails and keep a little snail home for awhile.

But it’s December. And it is literally freezing outside.

So we just YouTubed a bunch of “Snails for kids” videos and adapted. Even though I feel like I put the least amount of preparation into these lessons – how hard is it to google “snails for kids?” – most of the kids liked this the most.

Here are the videos we watched over the course of 4 days.

This first video is just snails doing their thing put to cute music. Since we didn’t have actual snails to handle and observe, this was probably the next best thing.

This second video I think was trying to make snails cool. I don’t know. It wasn’t our favorite, but it did have some interesting information. Some of the vocabulary was a little over their heads. (I’m doing this with 5 to 8 year olds, remember.)


Uh…. my kids loved this video and asked to watch it more than once. But I just couldn’t. If your kids are in to stuff like this, the “Come Outside” series is pretty extensive. Just think! You could be watching this for HOURS!!


Everybody loved watching the little baby snails hatch and crawl around. They are so tiny!

This gal has an entire series about how to take care of snails. It was pretty informative. We only watched one or two of her videos. As much as we all love mollusks, I can only do this for so long. Besides the first baby snail video, this is the only other one of her videos we watched.