Back to School Homeschool Style: The Classroom

I’m always reminded this time of year how many public school teacher friends I have. The back to school memes just start popping up all over the place. One kind of post that I think is kind of fun is to see all the different classroom set-ups my teacher friends are putting together. Bulletin boards, posters, reading nooks, desk configurations… it’s just kind of fun to see different ways of doing things.

Now for homeschooling, I think this can be a little tricky. For one, homeschool doesn’t generally take place in just one room. In fact, for some families, homeschool doesn’t even take place in any room at all. I supposed they could just take a photo of a world map or something if they really cared. Also, if the room the child does most of their “schooling” in is their bedroom, there probably aren’t very many opportunities to get good photos of a perfectly organized and clean school/bedroom. My bedroom certainly isn’t often clean and organized enough for public viewing. I am NOT taking a picture of that and putting it on the internet for public scrutiny. If the homeschool family relies a lot on internet and online classes should they just take a picture of the student’s laptop? I supposed that could work, though it would be slightly less inspiring.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t share ideas for fun and creative ways to use our spaces. So I made my kids clean up the play room, sent them all to bed so they couldn’t throw any more toys on the floor, picked up that random pair of underwear lying on the carpet, and took these pictures during the solitude of night. Those few glorious hours where nothing gets dirty or unorganized.

Yes, it was bliss.

Technically we do “school” in a wide variety of places.  But we spend the majority of most mornings right here! In our school/play room.

Let me give you the tour.

Entering from the southeast corner. The most noticeable changes from last year are the additions of those two huge astronomy posters taking up that entire wall, and the table and little green love seat have swapped places.


Here is my corner of the room. I’m  obviously in need of some more storage area. Hopefully be the end of the year this desk will be gone and I’ll have some nice shelves and bins to stick all those empty soda bottles and Pringle’s canisters in. All the kids reading books and school books are stored on those two black Walmart shelving units.


The kindergartener’s desk is right next to mine – although I never sit at my desk. I like to camp out on that green hand me down love seat. He’s got a little decorating to do, although the pencil can is done and stocked with brand new pencils already.


The 2nd grader’s desk is on the other side of the sofa. He takes his personal space very seriously and has made it as personal as he can. I love how he decorated his 2018-2019 school binder with the words “School is fun” and a picture of a school bus! I hope he knows the bus doesn’t actually stop by our house. 😉 Talk about awkward!


The 4th and 6th grader share the table. I get to sit between them when I’m helping them with their subjects. They do NOT like this arrangement since they’ve been moved away from the window. But too bad. I’m not moving things around for awhile.


The craft supplies/college-books-I-can’t-bear-to-part-with cabinet. The bottom cupboard section is full of German, Russian, and Polish language books – as well as a few more hard-to-give-up pieces of literature. Oh yes, and random cardboard building supplies get thrown on top.


From the southwest corner.


From the northwest corner.


From the northeast corner.


All the toys in the playroom. Organized in all those bins, this looks deceptively like a small amount of play things. But don’t worry. They seem to magically multiply when they are left all over the floor, making them impossible for anyone younger than 12 to pick them up. We’re working on this. I’ve just opened a new “toy jail.” It’s my new favorite class/playroom accessory, actually!


And, last but not least – the classroom pet(s). Right now there are three goldfish in there left over from the last time we treated Red Eye to a live feast of little feeder fish. Either Red Eye hasn’t noticed them, or just hasn’t gotten hungry enough to finish them off yet. We did originally get him 12 goldfish, after all!  My 6th grader, however, has a different theory of how it all went down…


The Travel’s of Odysseus the Fish

by The Honest Homeschool’s 6th grader

I have just come from our ship Thebag. In a giant storm, me and many of my sailors were washed overboard. We ended up on a mysterious island with plants of all different species. One looked like seaweed. One looked like grass, but longer. And another was purple! We came to a cave with a strange humming noise. We entered the cave and found out that a huge monster lived inside! His hands and feet had huge claws and when he spread them out, his feet became huge flippers. He had a huge shield on his back, and his neck could stretch out to the size of two men laying down. As we came in I saw that I wanted to be friends – not enemies of this monster. I gave him some wine and he gulped it happily. He said, “since you gave me that, you and two of your sailors can live!”

Can you guess who Odysseus is?

Creative writing – yes, during the summer, and completely unprompted. Nice!

What does your “classroom” look like? Any new features this year to go with your course of studies? Remember, sharing is caring? *wink wink* I think you can put photos in the comments section.