Unit Study: Pumpkins


Gather the kids around for this action-packed unit study on pumpkins. It’s such a fun way to start learning about these gourds grown during the fall!

Grab this 50 page downloadable package today!  Check out the description below for full details.


This 50 page pack includes:

Our Pumpkin Unit Study is an open-and-go curriculum.  Lesson plans are already made for you in our Pacing Guide and can easily fill 4 days with pumpkin exploration and fun!  Here's what's included:

  • Our favorite pumpkin books with links to on-line read alouds
  • Instructions for How to Use this Unit Study
  • Instructions on how to complete each activity
  • Supply List
  • Preschool Activities
    • Hello Pumpkin! learning mat
    • Pumpkin Pie learning mat
    • Pumpkin Play Dough Recipe
  • Language Arts:
    • My Pumpkin Words activity
    • My Pumpkin Book
  • Pumpkin Math:
    • I Know my Numbers
    • Skip Counting in the Pumpkin Patch
    • Pumpkin double digit Addition & Subtraction
    • Fall Even & Odd
    • Counting Seeds by 2's, 5's & 10's
  • Fall Writing
    • My favorite part of Fall
    • How to Make a Pumpkin Pie - sequential writing
  • Reading Log
  • Pumpkin Science
    • All About Pumpkins
    • Parts of a Pumpkin
    • Pumpkin Seeds: Estimation vs Actual
    • Pumpkin Life Cycle Poster & Activity: Preview this resource HERE
  • Pumpkin Art
      • How to Make a Paper Pumpkin
      • Hello Pumpkin! Banner
  • Kids in the Kitchen
    • Pumpkin Bread recipe
  • Scripture Memorization
    • Scripture Cards & Copy work pages
  • Field Trip
    • Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt


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